GPW Nation, it has been an honor and a privilege serving this great organization over the past two years as your President. As many of you know Neka, the boys and I are moving to TN this fall and I will no be returning as President for another term.

Per the GPW By-Laws, the Executive Board Members are voted on during alternating years for two-year terms. This year we are voting for the positions of President and Secretary. If you are interested in running for either position you must fill out the Executive Board Nomination Form and submitted it at the November Board Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, November 21st. Voting will take place at the End of Season Banquet on December 2nd.

If anyone has questions about either position, the roles, and responsibilities or the application and voting process you are free to contact me.


Bart Horton
GPW, President
(219) 381-6261

Executive Board Nomination Form